Grown Up Films in Berlinale-Ausgabe von German Films Quarterly!

Artikel: Martin Blaney

The film PAULA was the reason that I decided to set up the new label of Grown Up Films in 2012,” recalls producer Ingelore König who had already been heading up Erfurt-based Kinderfilm since 2000. “I had been developing a biopic about the feminist artist Paula Modersohn-Becker since 2008 and we had reached the stage where we had a convincing screenplay by Stefan Kolditz and Stephan Suschke that was being dramaturgically supervised by Cooky Ziesche, and we were now beginning to look for a director and partners for the financing. It made sense to have a separate label because when you have been running a company with a name like Kinderfilm, everyone assumes that you only produce children’s films,” König explains.

“We had a whole list of names for the label, but we felt most comfortable with Grown Up Films,” she continues. “I liked the fact that the name was open to several interpretations: Kinderfilm has come of age, the stories that it will now tell are more grown up, and it will grow beyond itself.”

König, who was born in the former GDR and studied Philosophy at Berlin’s Humboldt University, first learned about Paula Modersohn-Becker after reading a biography. “I was fascinated that she was so radical and courageous, that she was always testing and transcending her limits, and that she had this resolution never ever wanting to be mediocre.”

“She wanted to achieve something in her life and set herself very high standards. She once said that she would like to have painted at least three good paintings in her life and… Ganzen Artikel lesen…